I Am My Own Enemy

By Tammy Tran


Sometimes the thoughts we thing about ourselves can be dangerous and cause us to fall off track. But once we come to realize how amazing we really are, the picture becomes a lot clearer. 


You put these thoughts in my head I couldn’t erase

It convinced me that I was always in last place

That I could try my hardest, but it wouldn’t work

It kept me up at night, causing me to go berserk

I began ignoring messages, school, and calls

Because I felt like I was a nuisance

Like I was some sort of toxic pollution

I began to fall behind in all of my classes

But I ignored it and put on sunglasses

I started sleeping later and later

As my mind became more of an instigator

Making me more and more reckless by the day

In my head, I thought that it was okay

I mean, aren’t I fixing the problem?

Am I not trying to make myself flawless?

So that I could be less of a disappointment?

I’ve been trying to become ointment

To something that didn’t need healing

Because I was overwhelmed with this feeling

That I wasn’t good enough for the  people I knew

Like I was the flu

Causing them to get sick and tired of me

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll be set free

From the cage I’ve trapped myself in

I’m not going to wait for someone to break-in

And rescue me like I’ve been wanting

Instead, I’ll be watching

I want to finally see myself grow

And I know it may go very slow

I’ll at least be able to look at myself in the mirror

And see myself clearer

Humans In Simplicity

By: Yeilanise Noriega

Here’s the thing about humanity
We seek attention, but are able to adapt to loneliness
We seek love, but are able to adapt to hatred
We seek wisdom, but accept absurd opinions compelled to us without knowledge
We let families suffer under inhumane conditions at the expense of another’s success
However, that is not spoken of,
As it does not apply to society’s standards on what’s right and what’s wrong
“Girls Support Girls”, a phrase invented to disguise the underlying abuse and hatred amongst
women themselves
We allow men with overpowering toxic masculinity to form decisions
That essentially are designed to negatively affect the rights of women as a whole
We allow and occasionally practice the oppression of individuals with diverse backgrounds,
Whether purposely or subconsciously and rely upon “race-neutral” reasoning
We have accepted individuals who use God as a reason to hate upon those who do not meet
society’s expectations, while being protected under the 1st amendment of the U.S Constitution
We have lost sense of why these issues are present and how they have become so inhumane
However, there’s another thing about humanity

It’s predictable, it acts upon a toxic psychological pattern that is driven by the need to follow and
duplicate common human behavior
One step forward, two steps back
It has not shown positive progress
As its desire to cause harm and destruction
Is far greater than the desire to be righteous for the greater well-being of everyone
We were taught from an early age that our only enemy and obstacle in life was ourselves
But, this is merely a temporary solution,
Used to relieve the need of a logical explanation for life’s problems
Our worst enemy, our worst fear, our only obstacle truly is,
The unavoidable evil and temptation that surrounds the existence of human beings,
Regardless of the good that exists within us.