Five Fall Favorites!

The weather is starting to get very cold, and the leaves are changing into beautiful colors. Fall is the best season for amazing comfort foods. Here’s are my favorite fall foods, just in time for the holiday season!



Turkey is an amazing fall food, especially for Thanksgiving, it taste so good, especially when it falls right off the bone! Making a turkey can be hard, so here’s a recipe to help you out!

When Thanksgiving is over, you can turn that left over turkey into anther amazing meal. Turkey sandwich, turkey soup, and turkey pie are a few of my favorites!



Cornbread is so delicious, and it’s the perfect side to any big fall meal thing. Its a sweet bread that warms you up inside,and makes you feel so good.Here’s a link to a great cornbread recipe.

Pro tip: if you use more milk, your cornbread will be fluffier.

Apple Pie


Apple pie is hands down, the best pie in the world. In the fall you can go apple picking, and use those beautiful red apples to make an amazing fall desert that will make your friends and family envious. There are a couple of ways to make apple pie, but i’ll give you a fun and easy recipe to make.

My favorite brand of ice cream is Breyers, and their vanilla ice cream goes perfectly with this recipe.

Pumpkin Pie


Everyone loves pumpkin pie, what’s not to like? Sweet creamy filling with a warm crust, it’s perfect for a cold fall day! Pumpkin pie has been around for years, and is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Thanksgiving. Why just think about pumpkin pie, when you can make right now?  This recipe for pumpkin pie will make your heart melt, enjoy!

Candy Yams



The first day of fall, all I could think about was my grandma’s famous candy yams with marshmallows, and trick-or-treating, of course. Mm mm just thinking about it makes me want to cook up a batch right now! You can make some fantastic candy yams with marshmallows but, if your not a fan of the fluffy goodness, here’s a recipe without.

As we all know, fall weather can be very unpredictable. When it gets too cold to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery, wrap up in a warm blanket and treat yourself to these great fall foods!


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