Why Him? *Spoiler Alert*

Why Him staring James Franco and Bryan Cranston tells the story of a loving but overprotective father named Ned (played byBryan Cranston) who travels to California to visit his daughter Stephanie ( played by Zoey Deutch) at the home of her wealthy and eccentric boyfriend Laird (played by James Franco). Even though Laird is a extremely wealthy, Ned disapproves of his inappropriate language and his inability to understand boundaries. If that isn’t bad enough, his disapproval escalates even further when Laird tells him his plan to propose to his daughter.

While this movie was very entertaining, and kept me engaged from being to (almost) end, it was nothing short of the typical father hates daughter’s boyfriend movie. Through the course of the two-hour movie, I started to relate and root for Laird as he tried to win over each member of Stephanie’s family. I caught myself smiling and connecting to his character who, I believe isn’t inappropriate but honest, as he shows and proves to Ned that he is the one for his daughter. At the end of the movie, Ned finally gives his blessing to Laird to ask for his daughters hand in marriage. I was let down by the creators and writers of the movie, when she declined his proposal. I, in fact, was so annoyed by this, that before the movie even ended, I got up and left the theater. Even though it is different from most movies where the girl always says yes, sometimes you just want all the effort and convincing to pay off.


This movie contains strong and suggestive language that is not appropriate for kids/teenagers under the age 16


Acting: 8.5

Storyline: 9

Soundtrack: 7

Ending: 3


Overall Rating: 6.8




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