Book Review: A Psalm for Lost Girls by Katie Bayerl

Katie Bayerl delivers an amazing story about love, death, and religion in such a unique way, with her first book titled, A Psalm for Lost Girls. I will say that when I first heard the title of this book, and planned to read and review it, I initially felt a little out of my comfort zone being a person who loves romance, love, mystery and action. But with that being said, DO NOT be turned off by the title! While this book does make several references to religious things, it is NOT a religious book! It has the perfect balance of reality, fantasy, love and death, which surprisingly make it a real page – turner! Now, if that alone doesn’t interest you, I’m not sure what will!! BUT, if you are intrigued and want to know a little more of what this story has to offer, read on because trust me, A Psalm for Lost Girls will definitely be a fan favorite!

Stay out of trouble. As if trouble asked permission before shoving its way into your life.”

One thing that really stuck out to me while reading this book, is the general set up of how the story is told. I know that some people may not like a story that switches from the present being told by one person, and then to the past being told by someone else. But personally, I LOVED it!! Being able to hear a story from more than one perspective gave a lot more insight into the personalities of all the characters.

The book starts out with Callie, the main character, right in the middle of dealing with the unexpected death of her older sister, that she loved and looked up to very much. Through the words of the author, you can literally feel Callie’s anger and sadness about losing her sister, which was one of my favorite parts of the book. Ok, so I know that may sound a little weird – but I was impressed by the fact that even though the subject matter was sad, the overall feel of the book wasn’t sad at all. Hearing how Callie felt about her sister, Tess, and how badly she wanted to preserve her memory was actually really inspiring.  Basically, Callie really didn’t like the way everyone else was handling the death of her sister, and spends the majority of the book trying to prove that Tess was just a regular girl just like everyone else. But most importantly, she was her sister.

Reading the chapters that were from Tess’s diary, also helped fill in the blanks about her life which was also really helpful. Hearing how Tess truly felt in the few months leading to her death, made me understand her more as a person rather than just a dead sister.   Callie is a person who feels her emotions very deeply and sometimes her feelings can come across a little harsh.  For example, when she talks about the people in her life like Danny (Tess’s boyfriend), and even when she speaks of their mom, it sounds a lot different than when Tess talked about them. It was really refreshing to be reminded that the way someone views or sees another person isn’t necessarily the same way for everyone else, and Katie Bayerl made that happen perfectly in the personalities of the 2 sisters.

While the entire book definitely grabbed and kept my attention from beginning to end, there were a lot of parts that stuck out to me – which made them my favorites! For example, when Tess talked about Danny and how much they loved each other, it made my heart just melt. Being a hopeless romantic myself, it was also very sad to read of the love they had for one other seeing that she was already dead. Reading that part made me wish for an alternative ending where Callie and Danny both got their girl back. But alas, that was not the case in this book.

Another big part of the book that stuck out to me the most was literally how the story itself came together.  Of course it’s a book about grief and saints –  but at the same time, one of the other stories that was also happening is about the kidnapping of a child. So while Callie was trying to preserve the memory of her sister, for me it also felt like Callie and Danny were trying to solve a crime at the same time! Trying to put together the pieces to a tragic story, and without giving to much away,  let me tell you – this book is the bomb!!!

Reading this story it was really easy to relate to each of these characters. Callie being outspoken, saying whats on her mind and just being fun and outgoing, really speaks to that part of my personality. While Tess, who is kind and caring and tends to care what people think of her and wants to please everyone around her really speaks to that part of my personality as well. Reading how Callie deals with her sister’s death is so captivating and sad and emotional, something that Katie captured perfectly as well, just the overall way that this story is told and written was perfect! Thank you Katie B for this great novel!

Buy this book TODAY! You won’t regret it,


Writing/Language: 9

Storyline: 9

Ending: 8.5

Overall Rating: 8.8




















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