By The GRLZ Radio Peer Leaders

(Nicole. C , Rachel. G , Viviane. B)

Inspiration can come in many forms. Here at GRLZ Radio, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many sources of inspiration every single day. Our peers, our words and videos, and our radio shows inspire us to be better, and produce quality media that allows the voices of teen and young adult women to be heard and respected!

One of our main sources of inspiration at GRLZ Radio are the staff that work with us in our program. Our Director and fearless leader, Saun, is amazing of course, and our super talented Program and Communications Administrator, Keke, keeps everything in order, making sure our program runs so smoothly and professionally. She’s a BEAST! But this post is dedicated to our Broadcast and Program Manager, Danielle Johnson because she is wild, crazy, has a passion for radio, and most recently she has made history in the City of Boston – and we are SOOOOOOOOOO proud!

When you are part of the radio group in our program, one of the first things you have to do is create a DJ name for yourself. Usually, we pick our DJ names based on a nick name that we already have, or sometimes it’s a word or name that describes your radio personality. Well, Danielle’s DJ name is “Ms HotSauce” and if you have ever been in a room with her for longer than 5 mins, you already understand how PERFECT this name is for her!

Working with Danielle each day is always an adventure, and honestly, it has been nothing but extraordinary. The peer leader group has been working with her for over 4 years now and she’s one of the most amazing women we have ever met! In this radio game, Danielle is really the best mentor to have by your side. She has always pushed us to go for what we want in life. She has always been there for our accomplishments, our troubles, and even when we just needed a little love. As a group we really have to say that we each feel so glad to have met her, and her recent accomplishments have just added to the list of reasons that we love and admire her so much! We want to share the news with all of you because she is going to be a name that everyone will soon recognize and then all of you will get the chance to know and love her too!

Officially, as of April 2020, Danielle Johnson/Ms HotSauce will the first African American woman to launch and own a radio station in the history of the city of Boston. Let that sink in for minute……THIS IS MAJOR!!!!!!! The name of the radio station that she is launching SPARK FM, and the goal of her station is to be an outlet for the voices of underrepresented communities in Boston and beyond. This is a very needed radio station and to have it here in Boston is important and amazing because there are many people who go unheard here and all over the world. And as we know, everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Danielle has worked in the radio industry for over 10 years and she basically got tired of the male dominated vibes and how as a black woman she has often been overlooked for many roles and opportunities – so SHE DECIDED TO CREATE HER OWN OPPORTUNITY, and at the same time provide opportunities for others as well. What’s even better is that SPARK FM will not only play good music (Danielle says it will have everything from trap to bachata!!!), but it will have talk shows that help people with their finances, starting businesses, access to community resources and much more! SPARK FM is about to be the BEST and we cannot express how proud we are of Danielle and everything she’s been doing both with SPARK and GRLZ Radio too! 

Danielle has always been an inspiration to all the girls at the program and she has worked very hard to get to where she is now and it has finally all paid off. “Ms.Hotsauce” is her radio name and nothing fits her better than that, because you can always count on her to bring the spice in everything that she does. So here’s to you Danielle for everything that you have accomplished, the world needs your voice and we thank you for everything you do to make radio great again!

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