Get Your Mind Off The Madness!

Just about a month ago, none of us even knew what COVID-19 was. It wasn’t on our minds and we were all living life as usual. Sure, we had our day to day worries and problems, but one of them was definitely NOT an international highly contagious pandemic virus. Now, the spread of this virus has impacted each of us in some significant way. Not being able to go to school, many people not being able to work, and practicing “social distancing” have become new parts of our day to day lives and with all the news, updates and information, it can all feel really overwhelming. Experts say that they can’t give us an exact time when all of this will come to an end so we are all hopeful and waiting for the end of this so that we can go back to business as usual. Until then though, we have to be really careful about what we think, do and feel because to keep it real, this situation is scary and it can really take over your thoughts IF you let it. And that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

So while you’re social distancing and chillin’ at home, here are some things you can do to get your mind off the madness:

1 WRITE!: Are you thinking about how long this will last? Do you have a birthday coming up and you don’t know if you will get to celebrate it? How about prom? Is this your senior year? Are you worried about graduation? Were you supposed to take a trip? These are all valid thoughts and questions and you have every right to have feelings about them! But instead of holding all those feelings in, write about them! Express your concerns, frustrations, worries and even your fears. Just write it all down and get it out of you! Also, if you are completely OVER being worried about the virus and you have other things you want to write about, GO FOR IT!! While it’s true that there is an international emergency happening, it’s also true that it doesn’t have to completely take over our minds. There’s a lot of other stuff going on in the world or even in our personal lives that deserve our attention. So write about that stuff too! And here’s some exciting news: During this time, GRLZ Radio is accepting blog submissions from our followers! So if you write something, you can send it in and it could be posted right here to our blog! Imagine that! In the midst of the pandemic, YOU could become a published author! HOW COOL IS THAT? So, go and find a topic, write about it and submit it to us at

2 DO THE THING!: There’s probably a thing that you have wanted to do for a really long time, but every time you went to try to do it, there were other more important things and you never got around to doing the thing you always wanted to do. Well, this is the PERFECT time to do your thing! It might be reorganizing your room, coloring your hair, binge-watching that Netflix series, reading that book you keep hearing about, spend time reconnecting with old friends.. whatever it is, take this time to do that thing!

3 KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN!: As the news keeps rolling in about this virus, it’s hard not to want the most updated information. Everywhere we look there’s more and more info coming at us about how fast it’s spreading, how many positive tests there are, and all that stuff. Now, it IS important to have information about the virus because we do need to know what’s happening with it. But sometimes too much information can make things even scarier than they already are. So when it comes to news and info and rumors about the virus, know your limits. Know when to say when. If it’s starting to freak you out too much, turn it off for a while! We aren’t suggesting that you ignore the news and information. But you definitely don’t have to let yourself be so overwhelmed by it. Whether it’s Facebook or stuff on TV if you need to log out and unplug for a minute, make sure you do so. The virus is bad, but having the crap scared out of you about it every 5 mins is worse. So take good care of your mental and emotional health during this time too.

DON’T FORGET! GRLZ RADIO IS ACCEPTING BLOG SUBMISSIONS FROM TEEN GIRLS EVERYWHERE DURING THIS TIME! If you’re interested, write a blog and send it to us at for a chance for your blog to be published on our site! You can also email any questions you may have as well!

One thought on “Get Your Mind Off The Madness!

  1. Definitely going to prioritize number 2 and get to finishing some series that college life has kept me away from. 😀

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