What to do while I’m self distancing!!!! QUARANTINED BY COVID-19!

By: Nicole. C and Viviane. B

These days we can all use some ideas about things to do while we are self distancing. In between washing our hands, wiping everything down and staying away from one another, we have GOT to find some other things to do right? Check out our list for some ideas!

  • Clean/Re-organize/Re-decorate

You know how you have been wanting to to change your room around FOREVER, but you just never had the time! Well, now is your chance! You are probably going to be stuck at home for a while, so you might as well work on making your space look the way you want. Cleaning is another good way of keeping yourself distracted too. It doesn’t sound like the most fun, we know, but when everything is done and cleaned up, you have to admit you usually feel better. I love it when I can blast my music and just clean the house, it’s such a vibe. After you clean/re-organize your room and the house, that’s when the energy is at it’s best because you know everything is clean and you just love the way it looks!

  • Self-care/Spa Day

We’re all feeling a little stressed with how quickly COVID-19 changed our day to day lives but let’s be real; during your normal daily routine you most likely didn’t have time to REALLY take care of yourself. So why not have a mini spa day to relax and give yourself the attention you deserve. Take a longer shower, do that deep conditioner you’re always putting off, detox your skin with a face mask, or do your own nails. There are countless ways to enjoy a self-care day. So why not tailor it just for you? After this is all over you’ll have that “After Quarantine Glow” and your coworkers and friends will want to know your secret!

  • Exercise at Home

Are you one of those people who can’t go to the gym anymore because they are all shut down? Well don’t worry because your summer body can still be ready on time by working out at home! I know working at home isn’t as easy as it sounds, because sometimes no equipment can mean no motivation, but we’re here to support you and  give you some tips. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help boost your mood and burn fat! Now if that’s not the best two for one deal I don’t know what is! The only downside is the intensity of the workout; this workout would include things like lunges, jump burpees, push-ups, and more. Or if you aren’t into the high intensity you can do a total body weight workout, that’s more of a lighter/warm up workout. This workout would include squat jumps, high knees, planking, and more. Whichever way you choose to exercise at home you’ll stay in shape and feeling good (you know… after the soreness goes away lol).

  • Relax/Sleep in for Once

Most of the time we all want to relax or sleep in but we can’t because we have so much stuff to do, but not anymore!!!! Take this time to just get some sleep. Sleep is actually very important for a person and we always ignore that fact! We should love the body that we are in and try to make sure that we stay healthy. We are always trying to do a lot of things at once so this is your chance to just take a minute and just relax. I think that everyone should try meditating as well because it helps to relax you sooo much and it’s just a great way to clear your mind. 

  • Self-Discovery

While practicing self-distancing this is the perfect time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Having a better understanding of the way we think, feel, act, learn, and perceive the world leads to a successful life and a better insight of yourself. If you don’t want to end up a follower and instead want to learn how to be a leader then this is something for you to do! Things you can do to start your self-discovery journey are journaling, reading self-discovery books, examining your health (mind and body) to see what you could improve on, and reflect on your life so far. This will help you become a better version of yourself. What’s the harm in that? 

  • Read

To be honest, I never really liked reading but since I had else nothing to do, I figured, why not? And you’ll never guess what happened. I found a new love for books. It’s all about finding a book that would be a good fit for you. I think the best time to read would be after you cleaned the house because now you have a clean space with good energy. Feel free to light a candle or incense too! You don’t have to only read books either; you could also look up something to read up online that you know you would like (or use apps, Webtoon is pretty cool). Then  just sit back, relax , and read.

  • Learn a New Skill

Similar to our previous blog, there’s probably a thing that you have wanted to do for a really long time, but life always gets in the way. Now you have no excuses! Start planning the business you’ve always wanted to start, learn some new dance moves, finally learn a new language, or start researching that new career you’ve been wanting to pursue. There are so many options that you shouldn’t even have time to complain about being bored any more!

  • Write/Journal

As a writer I am very excited that I have all this time to finally write all the ideas I’ve had in the past year. However, I understand that all of you aren’t writers, but in this case that could actually be a good thing! Try out something new by writing something just for yourself. Write without the pressure of teachers, college professors, or your boss. As a writer I’ll beat myself up and down the hallway with criticism of my own work but a new writer can sit back, relax and just let their mind flow out the words. Write about how stressed or upset you are about COVID-19, start journaling each day of the quarantine and how you’re keeping sane, or forget about COVID-19 all together and try your hand at some creative writing. 

Remember, during this time, GRLZ Radio is accepting blog submissions from our followers! So if you write something, you can send it in and it could be posted right here to our blog! Imagine that! In the midst of the pandemic, YOU could become a published author! HOW COOL IS THAT? So, go and find a topic, write about it and submit it to us at GRLZRADIO2003@gmail.com. Check out our Instagram for more information.

  • Catch Up on a Show or Movie

The best way to keep yourself entertained is by watching TV and most of us have fallen behind on our favorite shows. Maybe you even forgot about a movie you’ve been wanting to watch, but now is our chance! It would be so nice to sit and watch a good show or movie with some good snacks. Trust me, I will not be leaving my room if I have a good show and even better snacks. Hopefully you guys haven’t eaten all your quarantine snacks by now. If you’re one of those people that are always caught up on their shows then you can try out some new shows and binge watch them.

  • Group FT with Friends

Even though you can not physically see your friends right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be on facetime with them. I love when me and my friends group facetime, it’s always so fun. I don’t know who wouldn’t like group facetime, it’s like your friends are there with you! You would feel less lonely with your friends on the phone too. When everything first started I didn’t leave my bed and I was soooooo bored the whole time but then my friend called me. It was the best thing ever; I wasn’t lonely anymore. I am the worst texter ever, but being apart from everyone made me call people more often. I think this is the time you could really make a bond with someone you’re not really close to. 

One thought on “What to do while I’m self distancing!!!! QUARANTINED BY COVID-19!

  1. Learning a new skill is one that I really agree with. This is a great time to learn a new language. With lots of people being home on their devices it gives you more people to connect to and practice with.

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