By Litzy C

I’m sure the title of this piece got your attention. But keep reading. Everything isn’t always as it appears. 

Summer is the epitome of all childhood joys. Each year, it is looked forward to and  remembered by most as a period in their life that generated true happiness… happiness that many would never be able to truly replicate again until the next one. There’s something about the feeling of the warm sun rays on your back and the breeze that cooled the beads of sweat that run down your forehead. Something about the carefree attitude you saw the world with, no need to stress and no cause of anxiety, all of that formulated a perfect reality. A reality that only ever lasted for two to three months. Constantly, being shattered by actual reality: by a reality that involved stressed filled homework assignments and mind- shattering social interactions. When I think back to summer, there’s one particular summer that stands out in my mind. The summer where I  sprained my ankle. It was another warm fun-filled day and I had become so accustomed to these wonderful days that I spent more of my time outside playing with my friends than I did inside. I don’t remember the specific time it was but I do remember that the sun had just begun to slowly fall behind the horizon, and the sky had turned into a pink and orange mixture that made it look more like a painting than real life. Me and my friend were sitting on the steps that lead up to her house when we heard the front door open. We looked behind us and up the large number of steps to see her father’s friend walking out of the house, presumably on his way to the store, or at least that was my guess since my friend’s parents loved to throw summer parties so often that everyday we would see their friend’s heading to the nearby corner store to get needed supplies. This particular friend of her parents also happened to be a friend of my mom so I had known him basically all my life. As he walked down the stairs, me and my friend moved to the side to let him through. When he got to the bottom of the staircase where we were seated, he rubbed our heads and asked what we were doing. We said that we had run out of things to do since it felt like we had already done everything possible. That’s when he said the three words that would forever change my life. “Tag, you’re it!” he said as he tapped my shoulder. Dumbfounded, I felt like a fool! He had always done this whenever we told him we had nothing to do but since he was supposed to be on his way to the store, I never thought he would’ve pulled this particular prank at that moment. My face turned into one of shock as I saw both my friend and him run away from me. Out for revenge, I began to run after him, it was definitely a targeted attack to say the least but this is where I made a mistake. He obviously was much quicker than me and with his experience in basketball, he successfully, almost literally, “broke my ankles.” If you don’t know, that’s basketball a move where you convince your opponent that you’re going in one direction, but you quickly switch up and move the other way. It’s supposed to throw your opponents balance off but in this case, it resulted with me limping to my house with a sprained ankle. Lucky for him, I didn’t throw a tantrum or place the blame on him but unlucky for me, I ended up unable to walk properly for the next month of my life. It was terrible, I felt as if I had to teach myself how to walk all over again. The only good thing that this injury left me with was the ability to crack my ankle on command. Sometimes when I walk or go up stairs, my ankle will crack with every step. It’s an annoying but somewhat bitter sweet sound, as it reminds me of simpler times with simpler problems. In times like these, you have to be grateful for the little things. Even if one of those things is a fond memory of a sprained ankle. 

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