Logan Movie Review *Spoiler Alert*

When it comes to Superhero movies, Marvel is the way to go. ‘Logan,’ Marvel’s latest Superhero movie, is the 3rd installment to a Wolverine series and the 10th installment of a larger franchise known as ‘X-Men.’ Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart reprised their rolls as Logan (a quick healing, undying mutant) and Xavier (a telepathic… Continue reading Logan Movie Review *Spoiler Alert*

Top Five times in ‘Get out’ that he should’ve GOTTEN THE HECK OUT!

It is no doubt that this horror-thriller film written and directed by the brilliant Jordan Peele, commits 100% to its genre. Get Out for me was one of those movies that you couldn’t help but yell at the screen and say “NO LEAVE ALREADY! THAT IS YOUR SIGN RIGHT THERE THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY,” and… Continue reading Top Five times in ‘Get out’ that he should’ve GOTTEN THE HECK OUT!

Book Review: A Psalm for Lost Girls by Katie Bayerl

Katie Bayerl delivers an amazing story about love, death, and religion in such a unique way, with her first book titled, A Psalm for Lost Girls. I will say that when I first heard the title of this book, and planned to read and review it, I initially felt a little out of my comfort zone being a… Continue reading Book Review: A Psalm for Lost Girls by Katie Bayerl

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review *Spoiler Alert*

Earning nearly 180 million dollars in its opening weekend, Beauty and the Beast is a great movie for kids and also for all the 80’s and 90’s babies who fell in love with the animated version that was released over 25 years ago. If you were a fan of the animated movie, then you will… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Movie Review *Spoiler Alert*

Split Movie Review *Spolier Alert*

The much anticipated movie of 2017, Split, staring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and Betty Buckley is a movie (Directed by the talented M. Night Shyamalan) about a man named Kevin (James McAvoy) who has 23 different personalities. He has a psychiatrist named Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), whom he entrusted with the knowledge that there is still one… Continue reading Split Movie Review *Spolier Alert*

What’s REALLY going on here?

From a hurricane destroying everything in its path, to a grand heist in Paris, and creepy clowns showing up and randomly stabbing people all across the country, I have one question: What is the world coming to? Okay, so first, lets talk about Hurricane Matthew… this category 4 hurricane has brought death and devastation to Haiti, killing over… Continue reading What’s REALLY going on here?