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img_0658Hello all you beautiful humans, it’s the weirdest craziest human Unicat! As of now I’m a stressed out 17-year-old student at Madison Park High School. My favorite subjects are my vocation T.V Production class and gym. Everything else I pretty much dislike. Chemistry is kind of fun and so is English because I can write well but, Math and all the other subjects are subjects that I’m really bad at or just don’t like. Something surprising or interesting about me is that I like cooking and baking. I love cooking fried foods more than anything and I love and I mean absolutely love baking cookies and cakes! It’s so fun and I’m passionate about it. Even though I like to cook and try all different types of food my favorite is white lasagna. Also I think I’m good at cooking and drawing cartoons. I can draw my butt off! Now that I think about it, I’m really passionate about drawing. But the one thing that’s most important to me is my voice and having my voice heard and my points got across. As for my music preference I love different types of music like pop and rap. Since coming to GRLZ radio the thing that I like most is the fact that it’s all girls and that everyone is relatively nice.

4na7jwbkayvyk5_dlgtlupiuoyewxbr1cyirtg4exawz3ai3xj_r1vmcsnyrl4cf4adf9w8u2perwzda4gyuyb7owcys2048Hey guys! My name is Vanessa and I’m 16 years old. I’m a cheerleader and Junior at City on a Hill, and my favorite subject in school is most definitely History. History is just the best to be honest. Something interesting about me is that my eyes change colors! My eyes range from the colors green, gray, and blue. Most people think I’m because of it, but I honestly just think they’re jealous! Haha! Things that I’m passionate about is doing well in school. Without doing well, most people won’t get far in life. I’d like to attend Boston College (just like my mom!), and become a criminal, or maybe a divorce lawyer. My favorite foods are buffalo wings and noodles, well pretty much I just love food. Anyways, joining GRLZradio has been great! I like being on the radio, and speaking my mind. The girls here are all great, and I wouldn’t ask for a better group of females to work with.

thumbnail_biopictureHeyyo, it’s Dj Meg. I’m a 17 year old senior at Cathedral High School and I plan on going to College in the fall to earn an English degree. If you ask me for help with math I’m just going to intentionally give you all the wrong answers. (Plot twist I dislike math). My talents include writing and sleeping for 16 hours straight. I hope to someday be an English teacher and really work towards fixing some of the flaws within our education system. Something you wouldn’t know about me is that despite how insanely awkward I am I do enjoy public speaking and speaking on-air for our station. My ultimate goal in life is to have enough money so I can constantly buy bagels with no regrets. I enjoy all types of music besides country. Working at grlzradio has helped me to open up and learn to trust the people around me.

img_1326Hey what’s up! It’s DJ Sabrina B. I’m 16 years old and I’m a junior in high school at Codman Academy. My favorite subjects are anything science related because I get the best grades in those classes. I’m interesting because I’m an aspiring YouTuber and hairstylist. I’m good at doing hair and anything beauty related.   I’m really passionate about becoming a self-made entrepreneur by the time I’m 25. Also, I love all food but, my favorite is fried pork chops and white rice.   My music preference is trap music. My favorite thing about GRLZ Radio is that the girls are really welcoming and nice.

fullsizerenderMy name is Christine . I go to Techboston Academy and I am in the 10th grade. My favorite subject is math. Something that is interesting about me is that I read on majority of my free time. I’m extremely passionate about dancing. I dance with my sister, and it’s still something that we bond over. After high school, I plan on going straight into college and major in pre-med. My career goal is to become a Child Pediatrician. I have won awards ranging from High Honors to the Class Clown. I was also voted President of my school student council. I have volunteered for the Haitian Community Housing Services and also in an elderly home for people with medical disabilities. One of my favorite quotes is “If Plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.” This quote means a lot to me because it is basically telling that I shouldn’t give up and it is very positive.

thumbnail_15203239_422902564763850_9155466901358476131_nHello everyone, my name is Stephira  I am a young, ambitious 17 year old who is ready to be successful in life. I am in the 11th grade at Tech Boston Academy and I am an honor roll student. I plan to become a lawyer in the future. My favorite things to do are write, debate and eat. People say I’m short, but I believe to be the tallest in the world! Grlz Radio is my favorite place to be! It’s welcoming and fun. It’s where ALL girls are heard and respected!

13000356_994557037264736_2251776435074906942_nMy name is Taja Boone and I am 20 years old! I live in Boston and I am an On air personality and Youth Supervisor at GRLZ radio. I’ve been working at Grlzradio for almost 3 years now. My hobbies include writing, reading, movie watching and of course sleeping! LOL. On my blog I will be doing what I do best and that is watching and reviewing movies and t.v shows on Netflix and the hottest movies in theaters. I will try to put out a blog post every week to keep you all updated on good movies to watch and t.v shows to binge on! Keep an eye out, because Popcorn Lover will be your new favorite blog of the week!


What’s good!! It’s your girl DJ Bri. I am 15 years old, soon to be 16 and I currently attend Brooke High School. Some facts about myself is that my favorite subject in school is Biology and my second best subject is Computer Science. Something that people wouldn’t guess about me is that I’m quiet ONLY when you first meet me. I’m also very good at making people believe false things – like when we’re playing two truths and a lie. I’m pretty sure everyone will believe the lie because that’s what happens 75% of the time. I’m also very persuasive and convincing as you can tell. My hobby is football, which I am very passionate about. Racism and my GPA are important to me, which includes all grades.  So grades are important to me too. My favorite food is Shrimp Roti and  West Indian food in general. It’s in my blood which leads me to say; my favorite type of music is Caribbean music. Legit, island music and Soca in general are the best. If you don’t listen to it, what are you doing sis? My favorite thing about GRLZ Radio is that I can be myself here without being judged, which is why it’s easy to click with other girls here. .